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About this release (version

Next versions will include a lot of other possibilities, that will allow users to customize/add solving algorithms,...
Don't forget to save your puzzle file when your pieces will be created or imported (you can save your work before having totally completed your set of pieces)

A short list of the main functionalities :

Puzzle pieces design Solving Solving results management Global Options and Statistics

To come, in the next version :


This Eternity II Editor and Solver is written in C#, using .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. So, you will have to install this framework if it's not already installed on your computer.
Using the installation instructions below, you will just have to click on "install" buttons and the prerequisities (.NET Framework 3.5 SP1) will automatically install if necessary.
The deployment technology used in this installation proceudre is Microsoft ClickOnce.
You should use Internet Explorer for easier install, or you can (don't ask me to help you if you have trouble :-)))) ) use Firefox with the FFClickOnce Add-On.
It should even work on latest version of Firefox, without this add-on, as.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 contains a Firefox browser extension to support ClickOnce installations (but Murphy's Law still holds sway).
Why ClickOnce and not just a zip file with the executable file and the configurations File ? ClickOnce will allow you to be automatically informed of updates, and setup will be very easy and fast for those updates (just one click and 3 or 4 seconds). So, as I plan to publish a lot of updates, this is the best way for you to always have the latest version of the Solver.

Installation Instructions

0. If you already have installed this solver, you don't have to follow this procedure. Just launch the application, it will automatically update (with your agreement).

1. Click on the "Install Eternity II Editor and Solver" link below
Install Eternity II Editor and Solver

2. You should access to a setup page looking like this :

Setup Page

Click on the "Install" Button

3. An Installation Dialog Box will apear, with a warning to inform you that you have to trust this software if you want to install it.

Setup Dialog Box

Click on the "Install" Button.

4. Prerequisities will be installed first (.NET Framework 3.5 SP1), and then the application will be downloaded and installed.

Installation Progress Bar

5. Installation Done. The Editor/Solver has been automatically launched.

Solver Launched

To launch it later, you can use the shortcut on your desktop

Desktop Shortcut Icon

or use the Startup menu

Startup Menu
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